Plaine des Astres Rue de lézigno 34310 Montady
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A multiple-temperature refrigerated warehouse (negative, positive or ambient) with 26000 m3 storage capacity, over a site of 22 000 m2.

⇒ In adequation to your needs, we store your goods at -20°C, -2°C, +2°C, +13°C or at ambient temperature ;
⇒ We take care of management and tracking of your stock in real time ;
⇒ Our warehouse is certified by :

The ministry of agriculture,
Region's food security council (Le Pôle sécurité alimentaire de la Préfecture : DDAF),
Customs administration.

Our references :
Our clients are mainly in agriculture: Wine, Sea Food, Fruits, Meat, Ice cream, Bakeries, Pastries, Dairy Products, Nuts etc…